How Columbia’s Largest Telecommunications Provider Increased Prepaid Recharges

The Results


Increase in Sales


Increase in Conversions to Checkout

The Challenge

Claro wanted to encourage their users to use pre-paid through their app instead of relying on third party recharge options.

They were losing revenue to third party recharge options because customers couldn’t use the Mi Claro app once they ran out of money. 

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The Solution

To encourage Claro users to recharge their phones and services in a timely manner, Breinify helped Claro use push notifications on the Mi Claro app in a smarter way, pushing the right message to the right individual at the perfect time to increase check-outs.

In addition, Breinify quickly tested an experience of cross-app promotion where timely push notifications were sent to Mi Claro app users to encourage them to download the ClaroPay app.

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"Breinify offers the AI and personalization tools that every business should be using.

Instead of manually creating campaigns and curating consumer experiences, we’re able to focus on the bigger picture.

Without Breinify, that wouldn’t be possible."

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Andrés Zuluaga

The Results

Our solution helped Claro increase total sales for pre-paid packages by 32%, checkout conversion rates for pre-paid by 18% in just 30 days, and contributed to 61,000 new app downloads of Claro Pay within a month.

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