Exceed your revenue goals with
predictive personalization.

Our scalable end-to-end data science platform delivers 1:1 personalized content, offers, and experiences across every channel.

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Improve Conversions
Boost Retention
Increase Loyalty
Enhance Omnichannel



Unique experiences for individual customers at scale

Our AI-engine allows you to communicate 1:1 and provide relevant experiences that delight all of your individual customers while meeting business goals, reducing manual efforts, and cost of ownership.

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At the perfect moment,
across channels

Meet your customers where they are, across every touchpoint. Whether it’s in-store or online, our platform helps you reach your consumers with a single voice and the right messaging and true omnichannel experiences.


assisted deployment

Go live 3x faster

Our API-first architecture and pre-built integrations allow you to go live 3x faster than the industry average and see valuable results within a month.

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We support you with a low risk, high impact approach.

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in 1 Month

Start with anonymous first party data collection and data tagging in days. Grow CRM and increase content views in just a month.

We’re lightweight, secure and quick to deploy.  Choose a partner your procurement team will love.

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Month 2 - 3

Accelerate into identifiable data collection, more channels (email, SMS, app, etc) and more powerful algorithms that improve conversion rates and increase revenue.

Enhanced ROI with minimal risk. We bring incredible speed to value.

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Powerful personalization  for omnichannel experiences. Improve ROI across channels with our test and learn approach.

The Breinify AI is an extension of your marketing team. Test, automate, and optimize all experiences quickly.


Everything you need to excel at personalization.

Insights & Behavior

Data Collection &
Consumer Insights

Start collecting and tagging first party data and identify actionable insights about your consumers.

We help you build rich, holistic consumer profiles and activate simple personalization immediately.

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Journey Optimization

Build and optimize intelligent customer journeys with product and content recommendations, as well as smart segmentation and testing.

Deliver relevant experiences and improve the ROI on your marketing efforts.

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Predictive &
Dynamic Personalization

Transform static content into dynamic omnichannel experiences.

Bridge the gap between in-store and online and deliver individually personalized experiences for millions of customers.


Perfect for your industry.
And for all your marketing goals.

What’s your industry?


Capture your customers' attention and convert them quickly by providing the right products at the right time and place, whether it’s in-store or online.
Our flexible AI-algorithms provide intelligent recommendations based on in-store behaviors, reduce manual merchandising time and reach revenue goals by offline and online channels.


Educate and build relationships with highly personalized content that will improve consumer engagement and revenue.
Our platform helps optimize customer journeys, boost CRM registrations, and improve conversions on DTC channels.

Beauty & Personal Care

Create a white-glove experience for customers with curated offers and promotions that meet their needs and drive repeat purchases.
We help you turn customers into brand advocates delivering 1:1 experiences that leverage beauty profiles and are tailored to individual preferences, skin and hair types.

And More...

Our flexible AI-algorithms can provide highly personalized experiences for your industry.
We can help you collect data to gain insights about your customers, trends, behaviors, and other business needs.

What’s your goal?


Our platform helps encourage anonymous first time visitors to register and organically return to your channels by providing relevant content.

Grow your CRM database, and reduce your cost of acquisition through personalized experiences and intelligent data capture.



Turn unknown users into known, registered, and rich customer profiles.
Make your customers’ buying journeys more seamless with product recommendations and connect with customers across channels in a unified brand voice with personalized recommendations, content, and offers.


Expand customers’ share of wallet with AI-driven cross-sell and upsell recommendations.
Our time-based recommendations help you communicate with customers through their preferred channel and re-engage them at the right time.


Convert customers into brand advocates with personalized content that educates and fosters loyalty.
Our platform can blend commerce and content together and add intelligence to loyalty programs to engage high-value members across all marketing channels.

Our experts are ready to talk about your challenges and goals.