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Improved both checkout and Email conversion rates
Improve Conversions
Clients have seen over a 2x increase in CRM registrations
Boost Retention
+16% increase in return traffic with double digit increase in activities per visit
Increase Loyalty
Clients have seen over a 6X increase in email conversions.
Enhance Omnichannel


Powerful Customer Insights

Each of your customers are complex individuals. We help you collect and tag first-party data and build a solid, scalable foundation for consumer insights.

Our simple use cases can have an impact on your business in just one month.

  • 105% increase in CRM registrations for loyalty and recipe pages
  • 10x faster integration and website tagging than other automation tools
  • 14x more actionable insights than other marketing tool
Insights & Behavior


An AI-Engine designed for anonymous and CRM level personalization

The customer journey is full of intent-rich moments to engage meaningfully.

Our AI optimizes content and customer journeys to ensure relevant and impactful digital experiences for both segments or individual consumers and it works with your existing marketing cloud or CMS.

  • 51% increase in YoY online sales for retail customers
  • 66% increase in recipe content views for consumer goods brands
  • 6.5x increase in email conversions
Woman checking out on an ecommerce store


Omnichannel ready 

Our AI enables true omnichannel experiences.

Deliver 1:1 personalized digital experiences across channels for millions of consumers and improve marketing ROI with little to no engineering resources and manual configuration.

  • 8x more ROI from product detail pages for retail customers
  • 52% increase in content discovery for consumer brands
  • 15x improvement in AI efficiency over time
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Robust tools and easy to use features

Leverage both Anonymous and CRM visitor insights.  Powerful visual dashboard helps you leverage your 1st party data in ways you never have before.

Data Collection &
Consumer Insight

Simple drag and drop dashboard to host and store your digital assets.

Digital Asset

Easy to build and A/B test multiple campaigns using our portal and dashboard.


AI powered recommendation engine designed to optimize your customers visits based upon your business needs.


Gain detailed consumer insights designed for both anonymous and CRM visits.

360 Profile

Two week integration timeline.  SOC2, CCPA, GDPR compliant.

Easy Integration


Fast & easy to deploy

Save IT resources and costs. Our plug-and-play platform integrates quickly with your tech stack so you can see results in just days.

We work seamlessly with your current partners and systems

How We Partner:  

We get you up and running in days, not months.

Two Week Initial Integration


in about 2 Weeks

Start with your anonymous first party data.  Watch how we can  grow CRM and increase content views in just a month.

We’re lightweight, secure and quick to deploy.  We make integration quick and easy,  we are the partner your IT team will love.

Gradual integration of CRM data and expansion of tools within your site.


Month 2 - 3

Accelerate into identifiable data collection, more channels (email, SMS, app, etc) and more powerful algorithms that improve conversion rates and increase revenue.

Enhanced ROI with minimal risk. We bring incredible speed to value.

Full Omnichannel integration, email, SMS, and dynamic banner placements.



Powerful personalization  for omnichannel experiences. Improve ROI across channels with our test and learn approach.

The Breinify AI is an extension of your marketing team. Test, automate, and optimize all experiences quickly.

Our goal is to assist you and your team throughout your Personalization Journey.


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