You’ve probably heard a lot about marketing AI and how indispensable it is for brands. While AI solutions can be quite complex and sometimes hard to explain, it’s important to clearly understand what the benefits could be for your business. 

What is AI for Marketing?

There are plenty of AI solutions on the market, and they come in many different forms, all having their own strengths and weaknesses. Some specifically focus on data collection and analysis, others focus on personalization, segmentation or testing, and a few end-to-end solutions can do it all. 

Essentially, these software solutions can handle data analysis on a massive scale and use AI concepts like machine learning to improve marketing ROI and optimize the consumer experience in different ways. For example, things like dynamic audience segmentation, personalized product recommendations, and consumer journey optimization are all driven by AI. You may not need AI to do this – marketers can still do these things manually – but using AI-driven technology allows you to use your time more effectively and see results quickly. 

Why Does AI Matter to Marketing Teams?

So, how can AI help you do this? 

These days, technology and digital tools are increasingly at-home in the marketer’s toolbox. Things like audience segmentation and message personalization can still be done manually, but aren’t scalable without the help of AI tools. For example, instead of having 10 audience segments which are just based on demographic data, you could have thousands that also leverage user behavior. While manual processes might allow you to create a few different versions of your website landing page or a pop-up for these audience segments, AI opens up the possibility of having millions of different iterations for your millions of consumers.

The Benefits of AI in Your Tech Stack

Understand your consumers on a deeper level.

Marketers are only human. There’s a limit to the amount of data they can process and analyze. AI, on the other hand, is capable of analyzing massive amounts of data faster than even the most capable data science teams, and finds patterns in the data that humans simply aren’t able to. Armed with that information, marketers can do what machines can’t – use the actionable insights from the data to inform the strategy and tactics they use to build relationships with their consumers.

When the data analysis piece is taken out of the equation, you’re able to focus on what the data is saying about your consumers: how often they shop, where they shop, what products they’re most interested in, etc. Once you understand your consumers and the consumer journey, it’s easy to figure out where to make improvements or implement personalized touchpoints.

Create relevant and meaningful experiences.

Despite the wide range of applications, AI solutions aren’t a silver bullet. In reality, AI solutions are built on a foundation of data science. While some companies might have a team of data scientists and analytics experts, others might not – and both can benefit. 

Marketing AI helps you put your data to work, showing you less of what the data is and more of what the data is telling you. When you have access to actionable insights in real-time, personalized consumer experiences are within reach. These days, it’s not enough to simply offer a great product – the digital consumer experience needs to be great as well. Consumers want personalized digital experiences, and they’ll bounce from brand to brand until they find the experience that fits their needs. 

Achieve business goals and improve marketing ROI.

Even a team of the best marketers can’t keep up with the speed and efficiency of a brand that leverages the power of AI. Tasks like data analysis and audience segmentation can be automated and optimized, freeing marketers up to focus on the bigger picture – things like strategy and messaging, which require the intelligence and skill of marketers.

Whether you’re looking to improve checkouts, keep consumers on your website longer, or boost CRM registrations, leveraging the power of AI and data science is a key part of producing the right results.

The bottom line is that marketing AI is no longer simply a helpful tool – it’s the difference between having a competitive advantage and capturing opportunities or missing them and falling behind when it comes to delivering digital consumer experiences. 

If you’re looking for the right AI solutions for your marketing team, Breinify can help. To learn more about AI and personalization, contact us today!