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How to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Efforts with Data Science

Article • June 30, 2022 • Written by: Diane Keng

COVID-19 has completely heightened consumer expectations. Consumers are spending more than ever before and prioritizing online retailers over traditional brick-and-mortar business models. To keep up with the change in consumer behavior, retailers need to adapt quickly to the new trends.

Personalization has become one of the biggest focuses for digital marketing teams as consumers are spending more time shopping online. If marketing teams want to enable personalization capabilities effectively, then they need a strong foundation in data science.

Why Marketing Teams Need Data Science 

The consumer journey has become longer and more complex. Not only do consumers go through multiple touchpoints and platforms, but they also have easier access to competitors. To ensure that your brand is capturing the attention of your consumers at the right time, you need to personalize your process. However, the only way to personalize your consumer journey (at scale) is through data science.

The Challenges of Implementing Best Data Science Processes

Data science is complex and can be overly technical for those who aren’t trained in the field. The process includes collecting, tagging, extracting and analyzing large amounts of data. For this reason, hiring data scientists is useful to fill in the gaps and provide relevant insights to digital marketers so they’re able to optimize their omnichannel personalization strategy. However, finding data science  talent is a challenge and creating internal processes is time consuming.

How to Build Data Science Capabilities 

Despite the difficulties involved with incorporating data science into your business, it’s crucial for creating personalized experiences at scale. Here are three steps to help you get on track towards optimized personalization:

  1. Identify what your business objectives are both short and long-term. 

  2. Choose to leverage technology that reduces your risk and increases scalability.

  3. Find and collaborate with the right partner who will provide your business with clarity in data science. 


Check out my full article for Coruzant Technologies, Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Efforts With Data Science, where I go more in-depth on why data science is important for marketing teams. 

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Diane Keng

CEO & Co-Founder @ Breinify
Forbes 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Technology