Personalization takes many forms, but it’s often tedious and manual. Predictive personalization offers unique experiences to customers without those challenges.

Every single person is unique, which is why true personalization is so important in marketing. In today’s world, the execution of personalization is complex and daunting. But it doesn’t have to be.

What is personalization?

Personalization is the way brands show how much they care for their customers.

Personalization comes in many different flavors, and it can vary from business to business. Enterprises are constantly exploring ways to get better results on their direct-to-consumer channels. For large retailers with multiple teams and vendors, for example, the personalization process involves a series of manual steps.

Put yourself in the shoes of large retailers: They start by tracking behavior, creating a campaign strategy, segmenting users, manually curating the info, analyzing data files, engaging with a separate agency, and then going through various rounds of approval. They then rinse and repeat for every single campaign.

It’s a different story for consumer packaged goods brands, which must focus on asking the right questions regarding what data to collect, how to iterate it, and how to look at the customer journey.

Yes, these personalization processes probably seem too manual, tedious, and difficult to scale — and they aren’t even predictive experiences! This is where predictive personalization at scale comes into play.

What Is Predictive Personalization at Scale?

Let’s start by understanding the phrase “predictive personalization at scale.”

  • Predictive: Using data science to anticipate needs.
  • Personalization: It’s all about time-sensitive context.
  • At Scale: If you have 1 million users, you should automatically get more than 1 million variations without manual segmentation and curation.

For example...

When I purchase adult beverages, I usually like buying red wine online. Honestly? I’m often compelled to do all my browsing after a long workday Monday through Thursday. And I get that wine shipped to my apartment since I’m not in a hurry to consume it all (unless I’ve had a rough week).

A few times a year, I celebrate a fantastic quarter at work by buying nice bottles of scotch and spirits, which I have delivered directly to our office. And when it’s warm in San Francisco, I will most likely order a case of cold beers for pickup. If it’s warm and there’s an outdoor concert or other fun events around the city, though, I’ll usually order individual cans for pickup.

In short, I’m a red wine lover, spirit connoisseur, and social beer sharer — depending on my time-sensitive context and how I’m affected by external factors. Proper predictive personalization at this level would show me content related to buying beer when it’s warm outside instead of general store products.

This practice of looking ahead to delight customers with what they need rather than what they did historically is key to predictive personalization.

The Takeaway: Using AI in Digital Marketing

Our predictive personalization process is not marketing automation, which requires a marketer with no data science background to formulate thousands of rules. Instead, Breinify’s predictive AI uncovers patterns and anomalies that drive marketers’ goals and then applies them as decisions rather than simple rules. Even if you have 3 million customers, we enable you to offer unique experiences for each one.

Everyone is different, and preferences can change based on the season, time of day, and day of the week. The best way to factor those endless variables into your digital marketing efforts is to embrace predictive personalization using scalable AI.

At Breinify, we refer to predictive personalization at scale, which means time-sensitive experiences built on dynamic context for each person.

What makes us stand out is how we plug into your existing marketing tech stack, allowing powerful experiences across email, web, SMS, and any D2C to be readily available. Our platform makes predictive personalization seamless. It’s compatible with any inbound data feeds; on the outbound side, it’s as simple as adding a user to your marketing cloud.

We’re proud of our ability to implement and launch in 14 days (or less!). We stand behind our proven record of success, and we want you to experience it for yourself. Hopefully, you’ll join us as a Breiniac today.

To learn more about how Breinify’s end-to-end solution can help improve your digital personalization at scale, click here to request a demo today.