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PODCAST: How to Make Personalization Meaningful For Your Customers

Podcast • August 4, 2022 • Written by: Diane Keng

In  Episode 9 of Beyond Conventional Marketing , I talk to Anna Kloss, VP of Pricing, Promotion, Product and Personalization at Vista, about the importance of brands making personalization a priority for both brand and customer success. 

Listen to our full conversation here:

Vista is a popular, global e-commerce brand that focuses on producing physical and digital marketing products for consumers.

In this episode, Anna and I talk about the challenges brands face when it comes to meaningful personalization and how she approaches this task with her extensive experience in business, economics and data analytics.

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Anna shared her thoughts on the three main challenges personalization brings and why personalization strategies can be so complex:

  • The first challenge is finding out how to make personalization meaningful to a brand’s unique consumer base and then link it to an effective strategy.

  • The second challenge is that there's already existing operations. So, the question here is how do brands create, plan, execute and track personalization strategies on an operational level.

  • And lastly, the third challenge is the need for tech, data and analytics infrastructure to make personalization scalable.

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Anna also shared how she recommends approaching these challenges based on her success at Vista: 

  • Get super clear on the problems personalization solves for your brand’s customers.
  • Deliver personalization cross-functionally.
  • Demonstrate early value often to shape the investment path fast.
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Listen to the full episode to learn from the valuable insights Anna provides on how to do meaningful personalization at scale, the right way.

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