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Contextual Marketing Helps Deliver Personalized E-Commerce Experiences

Article • December 22, 2021 • Written by: Diane Keng

It’s not a secret that in e-commerce, more relevant messaging translates to more conversions, more sales, and more engagement from consumers. Of course, this is the gold standard for marketing teams, and the guiding principle of the most powerful marketing campaigns. The only way to achieve, it, however, is to use your data effectively.

Why Contextual Data Matters for Marketers

Achieving personalization in marketing is no small task, and it can be difficult to get to a stage where your brand is ready and able to leverage contextual data to make your messaging more relevant and timely.

Understanding the context of your consumers gives you the knowledge you need to target your audience with timely, relevant messages that best fits their current needs or wants. For example, you can target consumers with different messaging based on the time of day, the date, weather, and location. That being said, simply having an understanding of contextual marketing isn’t enough to leverage it for your brand.

Overcoming Obstacles

The problem marketers face is that personalization isn’t scalable without the help of AI solutions. Managing messaging for more than 10-15 audience segments isn’t feasible for marketers, but with the right AI tools in their tech stack, they can put their contextual data to use to personalize messaging for each individual  consumer. 

When incorporating AI into your business, it’s important to tie your personalization efforts  to specific business goals. Are you trying to improve conversions? Increase cart value by 10%? Boost CRM registrations? With the right goals in mind, marketers can tweak algorithms and rules to produce the best possible results.

Getting Started With Data

Here are three strategies that marketers can use to overcome challenges and start leveraging contextual data and personalization for their businesses:

  1. Create a digital transformation plan

  2. Invest in data collection and analysis capabilities

  3. Enable dynamic content and audience segmentation at scale.

Want to learn more about how marketers can leverage contextual data to drive results? Check out the details in my full article for MyCustomer, Contextual Data Drives Personalised Experiences!

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Diane Keng

CEO & Co-Founder @ Breinify
Forbes 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Technology