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4 Common Myths About Contextual Marketing, Busted

Article • November 10, 2021 • Written by: Diane Keng

Contextual marketing might be a relatively new concept, but there are already a few common misconceptions among marketers when it comes to understanding how exactly this tactic can help improve digital experiences for your consumers. 

Once you can get beyond these misunderstandings and learn the truth about contextual marketing, you can leverage it and start curating highly relevant consumer experiences.

Why is context important in marketing?

In short, contextual marketing is a key element of creating proactive digital consumer experiences that predict what consumers will want or need at any given moment – meaning you’re more likely to increase conversions and they’re more likely to become loyal customers of your brand. 

Contextual marketing brings together behavioral data, historical purchasing patterns, and data from the environment your consumer is currently in. For example, things like time, date, geolocation and weather are all part of providing experiences that match the context that your consumer is currently in. When that context changes, your messaging and content or product recommendations can change with it in real-time. 

Busting the Myths About Contextual Marketing

With the right AI platform, marketers can better understand how to use contextual marketing to stand out to their consumers. In this Toolbox for Marketing article, I bust four of the biggest myths about contextual marketing. 

Read on to find out why:

  • You don’t need a team of data scientists
  • You should have a specific business goal in mind
  • It’s important to understand that context means more than past behavior
  • It’s not hard to start taking advantage of AI solutions

Check out my full article on Toolbox for Marketing to learn about the myths and misconceptions about contextual marketing.

For more insights on contextual marketing, predictive personalization, and how your brand can start leveraging data science and AI, check out our other blog posts or reach out to us today!

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Diane Keng

CEO & Co-Founder @ Breinify
Forbes 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Technology