The global average of time spent online each day has hit a plateau. Marketers have many opportunities to reconnect with consumers and build long-lasting relationships, but you’ll only win the bid for a customer’s attention if you deliver meaningful digital experiences that span the consumer journey. 

Consumers today want to be understood as individuals. By delivering consistent, personalized experiences across every stage of the buyer journey, brands can drive repeat purchases and increase customer loyalty, retention, and advocacy.

The importance of optimizing the customer journey

The proliferation of digital channels, mainly due to the pandemic, has resulted in increased complexity of the buyer journey. Gone are the days of marketing based on demographics and broad segments. Consumers now expect brands to build 1:1 relationships with them. This means delivering seamless individualized experiences across every touchpoint in the consumer journey. 

Consumers no longer follow a linear route to complete purchases. Rather they interact with brands using multiple channels for different purposes— researching, making decisions, and forming preferences. By personalizing these micro-moments, brands can optimize the consumer journey and gain a competitive edge over their counterparts who are not investing in personalization.

How brands can create micro-moments with personalization: 

  1. Set clear business objectives on what personalization will accomplish both in the short- and long-term.  
  2. Identify one or two data-driven use cases that could help achieve these goals on a specific marketing channel. 
  3. Use AI-driven predictive personalization technology, which can deliver meaningful experiences and also be used to measure results. 
  4. Pick tools and vendors that align with your business goals and offer solutions that are scalable.

Check out my full article on 4 ways personalization can help brands reconnect with consumers, where I discuss these steps in detail.

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