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How to Achieve Real Personalization in Online Retail

Article • September 30, 2021 • Written by: Diane Keng

Personalization is rapidly becoming a must-have for retail brands hoping to maintain a competitive edge in the e-commerce marketplace. When you can provide your consumers with relevant and personalized online shopping experiences, they’re more likely to make purchases and stay loyal to your brand. If not, another brand might seem like a better option. 

In an increasingly competitive environment, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to secure the benefits of personalization in e-commerce.

Successful personalization that fosters brand loyalty can’t happen without a strong foundation and careful planning — and that starts with understanding the three stages of retail personalization.”


An Inside Look At The Stages of E-commerce Personalization

Personalization in online retail is easier to understand when it’s broken down into stages:

  • First, understand your consumers and what they really care about by investing in data collection and analysis
  • Next, take that data and put it to use – your actionable insights about your consumers will provide you with some quick wins when it comes to optimizing the consumer journey
  • From there, work towards fully predictive and dynamic digital consumer experiences

Each stage in the journey towards personalizing online shopping experiences has its own challenges and hurdles to overcome, but you can vastly improve your brand’s consumer experience by working through these stages with specific business goals in mind.

How To Achieve Personalization in Online Retail

While many companies offer some form of personalized online shopping experience for their consumers, there’s still tons of room to improve. Using the three stages listed above, it’s easy for you to boost your ROI and view personalization as a business process rather than a one-off task that you need to check off your list. Simply put, in order to successfully implement personalization in online retail, you need to:

  • Define your business objectives
  • Start with a solid foundation of data science
  • Find the right partner for your business 

Check out my full article in TotalRetail, 3 Tips for Offering Customers a Truly Personalized Retail Experience, for deeper insights on implementing personalization into your e-commerce brand’s digital marketing strategy.

If you’re looking for the right e-commerce personalization platform, Breinify is ready to help meet your business needs. Reach out today to get started! 

Ready to transform your digital personalization with incredible speed?

Diane Keng

CEO & Co-Founder @ Breinify
Forbes 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Technology