Breinify's CEO, Diane Keng, appeared on Investor's Business Daily's podcast. In this segment, she chats with host Irusha Peirish about Breinify's journey. Diane shares how Breinify began and how we work with customers every day to help them democratize data science and create relevant and meaningful digital experiences for their consumers.

“The whole thing started a few years back, right after I graduated from Santa Clara university with a degree in computer science.”

After graduating, Diane went to work at Apple and Symantec, working with hundreds of different marketing technologies. She realized early on that most people want access to data science, but don't always have the know-how or training to apply it at scale and make it an effective tool for improving the consumer experience.

Breinify’s goal is to democratize data science, working primarily with CPG and retail brands to help them enable predictive personalization at scale – that starts with a foundation in data science. While most brands are at different stages when it comes to personalization, many are starting to figure out how to collect data in scalable ways and put it to good use once it’s in the system. The next step is to figure out how to use that data to optimize the consumer experience, and from there, how to enable personalization on a much larger scale.

In this segment, Diane discusses the Breinify platform, what it means for marketers, and why data is so crucial to the consumer experience. She also shares how her past experiences helped shape the creation of a lightweight plug-and-play AI solution that helps brands curate meaningful and relevant experiences for their consumers.

Listen to the full segment to hear the entire story about Diane, Breinify, and what it takes to create an AI solution that truly helps brands engage with their consumers in more effective ways.

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