In this episode of Beyond Conventional Marketing, Diane speaks with Daniel Moznett, Director of Marketing at Duraflame. He shares the importance of being a data-driven brand during the pandemic, as well as how to best understand your consumers and improve your approach to engaging them.

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Duraflame is a family-owned enterprise brand that’s nearly 50 years old, but with the right approach to personalization and marketing, they’ve managed to engage with their consumers on an entirely new level through content and their website. 

During our conversation, Daniel highlights the crucial components of the data journey – brands need to overcome the challenge of getting the right message to the right consumer at exactly the right time. The only way to do that? Use your data effectively. 

The journey has three main steps, each of which is explored in-depth during this episode of Beyond Conventional Marketing:

  • First, find out who is consuming your content and where they’re consuming it
  • Second, figure out how to reach these audiences effectively
  • Third, determine which partners you’ll need in order to do this effectively

The last piece of the puzzle is one idea that should guide every brand on its data journey. You have to follow the golden rule of data: treat your consumers’ information and data with the care and respect that you want given to your own data.

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Hopefully, my conversation with Daniel helps you understand the importance of becoming a data-driven brand a bit better. Check back each month for new episodes and new insights from marketing leaders operating in a variety of different industries.

If you’re short on time and can’t listen to the full episode right now, here are the highlights from my conversation with Daniel:

  • Get to know your consumers and use that info to reach them effectively
  • Invest in data privacy and security
  • You don’t have to be a brand new business to implement personalization

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Happy listening!