The Problem

Cowboy Charcoal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Duraflame that offers various charcoal grilling products on their website alongside recipes and grilling tips. This brand wanted to improve first-party data collection to pull more actionable insights from their data and optimize digital consumer experiences.

Despite wanting to quickly activate personalization on their website, Cowboy Charcoal needed some extra support with engineering and analytics. Building internal teams to handle these operations, collect data, apply it to consumer experiences, and get performance analytics and insights doesn’t happen immediately. 

Implementing predictive personalization, then, seemed like it would take quite some time before seeing any sort of ROI.

To get started, Cowboy Charcoal wanted to gather data on the consumer journey that would help the brand:

  • Drive repeat recipe views
  • Learn about the visitors
  • Collect insights on “Where to Buy” page behaviors 

On the kickoff call, Breinify published a simple JavaScript update to the Cowboy Charcoal website. 


Within one day, that one line of code allowed Breinify to activate dynamic recipe recommendations as well as split testing, which improved consumer journey insights for Cowboy Charcoal. Our proof-of-concept was completely activated in just two days, meaning that we produced tangible ROI almost immediately.

Within two months, Cowboy Charcoal saw:

  • Optimized recipe personalization receive 67.7% more recipe clicks than manual curation
  • Increased recipe views, with 8.9% month-over-month growth
  • Dynamic banner activation in less than one week, specifically geared towards driving CRM registrations


Breinify’s Solution

Breinify currently powers every single webpage on the Cowboy Charcoal website today, helping improve consumer experiences by:

  • Optimizing recipe recommendations based on consumer preferences
  • Enabling dynamic banners to boost CRM registrations
  • Collecting “where to buy” page insights
  • Automatically selecting products and locations based on user data and preferences. 

To learn more about how Breinify can help brands in the food and beverage or consumer packaged goods industries get on the path to personalization, reach out to us today! You can read the full case study here.