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Improving Digital Customer Experiences | Video Podcast

Podcast • May 20, 2021 • Written by: Diane Keng

This video podcast for MRMW features Diane Keng, Breinify's CEO, and BevMo's CMO, Matt Champion chatting about their partnership. Breinify has powered BevMo's digital marketing efforts for over a year, personalizing emails, web, and SMS for their customers. These Breinify-powered experiences have contributed to over $125M in overall new sales for BevMo!.

Matt Champion talks about his experience with personalization, the consumer experience, and the “sweet spot” of marketing and the art of consumer interaction. Diane and Matt discuss the importance of getting personalization right – being helpful to consumers, not invasive, and providing a stellar online experience for shoppers.

Ultimately, it comes down to understanding that there’s a “push and pull” relationship between consumers and brands. The goal isn’t to force products onto consumers, but rather to understand that consumers are searching for something and the brand’s goal is to help them find it. For example, it’s not helpful to showcase whiskey and cognac deals to an avid wine drinker. Instead, Matt says, look at what the data is telling you: this person likes a certain type of red wine. Recommending other similar products within that same category is helpful to the consumer and shows them that you understand them well enough to know what they might be looking for.

Personalization can be uncomfortable for consumers when implemented incorrectly. Done right, though, it feels comfortable and helps brands stay in touch with their consumers. Part of implementing personalization correctly is having a strong partner that can respond to your brand’s needs quickly – you want a vendor that doesn’t act like a partner, but instead acts like part of your own team.

ABOUT MRMW: Breinify participated in MRMW's Innovation Elevator in 2017, which introduces startups to the market research industry. Four years later, Breinify now has multiple large enterprises as customers for their predictive personalization engine. Learn more about Breinify's AI engine here

A full-text transcript can be found here.

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