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Breinify 2021 End of Year Wrap-Up

Article • December 8, 2021 • Written by: Diane Keng


2021 is coming to a close, and what a year it’s been at Breinify! 

Over the last few years, consumer expectations for personalization and digital experiences have reached an all-time high. Especially during the pandemic, retail and consumer brands are looking for ways to connect with consumers, improve experiences, and drive brand loyalty. 

This year, companies are especially eager to enable predictive personalization, but many need help overcoming the challenges that come with strategy, implementation, and activation.

In the past 12 months, we’ve seen an incredible amount of growth and development in our AI platform and our company. We’re seeing extraordinary results from our “crawl, walk, run” approach and holistic personalization mentality. It has been so gratifying to jump-start the personalization journey for several brands this year and be a part of the success that comes from expanding predictive capabilities for our customers. 

Here is an inside look at what Breinify has been up to in 2021, including updates on our funding, growth, customers, and product features! 

The Funding

In April, Breinify raised a priced seed round, bringing total funding to $11M. Our lead investors were PBJ Capital and Gutbrain Ventures, in addition to funding  from our existing investors, including  Streamlined Ventures, CXO Fund, Amino Capital, and Startup Capital Ventures.

The Company

Breinify made a series of key hires this year, tripling our Breiniac headcount. Along with new hires, Breinify continues to focus on building a strong culture that encourages employee retention – in fact, the first five Breiniacs still work at the company today. 

We met key milestones around company growth for 2021, bringing a new Head of Growth and VP of Sales onboard, as well as doubling the size of every department to prepare for rapid growth over the next few years.

Along with the growth Breinify has seen this year, we’ve learned a few key lessons regarding company culture, virtual work, and employee engagement alongside our return to the office in late September 2021.  We’ve hired talent from across the US, Canada, and Germany, with employees in-office, hybrid, and remote.

The Customers

Our customers have seen incredible growth and success in terms of their personalization efforts. Breinify’s revenue increased by 4.3x this past year, highlighting the increasing demand in the market for strong predictive personalization platforms. In 2021, we welcomed new customers and expanded partnerships with over 80% of our current customers, all with zero downtime and churn.

"Breinify helps us collect data and identify important consumer insights to set us up for success with personalization. It was unbelievable how we were able to get up and running in a few hours!"

– Daniel Moznett, Director of Marketing at Duraflame

Breinify’s AI predictive personalization platform has helped our customers such as BevMo!, Duraflame, Sally Beauty, and more to drive over $125M in new revenue, 105% growth in CRMs, and 20x results for page visits. It’s exciting to see such strong numbers from the brands we work with, including some of our newest customers.

“Breinify is the backbone of our digital innovation strategy, which has led to an incredible amount of sales for us. They're undoubtedly an integral part of our acquisition and engagement efforts.”

– Matt Champion, CMO of BevMo!

The Product

We’re excited to announce incredible new features for our AI-powered predictive personalization platform, including:

  • Post-Processing Improvements
  • Pre-Configured Campaigns
  • Curation-Based Recommendations

These updates helped us make it easier for marketers to curate personalization campaigns, predict their users’ needs, save time, and achieve their business objectives. 

While 2021 is coming to a close, I'm so excited to see what 2022 has to offer!

Are you looking to get started with predictive personalization or learn how Breinify can help your brand?  Check out our blog or reach out to us to get the conversation started today!

Ready to transform your digital personalization with incredible speed?

Diane Keng

CEO & Co-Founder @ Breinify
Forbes 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Technology